Monday, 2 September 2013

A super fast CD mini

A Super fast CD mini

Firstly SORRY for missing from my blog for toooooooooooooooo long. I have been crafting continuously and my lil cutie pie has started her nursery so its more of studies for me with her plus there are lots of other things going on simultaneously.

Now off to a quick post. A CD mini I did on order almost 3 weeks back that too superrrr se bhi uparrrrrr fastly ( yes yes I somehow remembered Shilpa Shetty saying super se bhi upar .... don't ask why Shilpa Shetty suddenly :P ) But yes I really mean superfast ... flat 3 hours ... :) This was made on an order and the lady who ordered it wanted a boy's theme so here we go ....

The not so girly teddy is hand drawn and fussy cut. Loads of tags for photographs or journal-ling .

The puffy animal stickers are local buy. The fence and grass are hand cut and stained :)

This page is my favorite. Loved the way it turned out. The cars  and the signal post are hand drawn and hand cut. I loved doodling the building outlines in the back ground.

Some more space for journal-ling. I liked the way it turned out looking at the time in which it was completed.

I wish to specially thank and mention Swap Central India here. It was because of them I learnt to put my discarded CD's to an artistic use :)

Watch out this space for a give away shortly and also for loads of my crafting posts :)

Happy Crafting,

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Citi and Me

Citi and Me

Well .... finally I am back to post something on my blog after soooooooooooo looooooooooong ... It's not that I didn't craft but just was too tied up to post.

Without much rambling here I go.... Last month I got an opportunity to work on a corporate order that too with a company like Citi Bank.. yes Citi bank. They wanted some scrolled certificates for their HR appreciation function. As the quantity was not that big, it would have been impossible to source scrolls that too on an immediate basis. 

So... TADA... I came up with my own scroll... A scrolled looking certificate...

I bought some plywood strips of 1/4"... rolled some handmade papers on it and then added the truffles . The background is embossed and mod-podged to give the frame the shiny effect.

Here are few of those...

Thanks for visiting the page... Cya soon with more craft  stuff ... till then,

Happy Crafting,

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Side step .... card

Yes .. My first side step card..

Making a side step card had been long on my to do list but somehow never took off. But thanks to my sister ( in - law ) who pushes my creative genes to try something new everytime.

She wanted a card cum frame to gift to one of her besties .. at the same tme wnted it to be diffrent from the usual cards and frames that we get all around. After scanning through lots of permutations and combinations, I finally decided to make a side step card ... where in I can make a frame as well a card ..

I managed to spoil two 12 x 12 cardstocks before I got the cuts right. I know its a basic step card but with all the simple cards that I had been doing somehow it took time to cut it just till exact point...

The card has a frame to hold a snap plus I ave added an empty tag for messages.

All flowers are handmade :).
My sis-in-law loved the card ...

The challenge was to use Green / blue and neutrals

 I have been crafting a lot but just unable to post.. So lots of new post to be up...

Happy Craftng,

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Some pretty flowers...

M back with my second  post for the day :)

Thanks to Jovita who comes out with something new for us everytime giving us awide and reasonable variety to choose from. .. This time it was the beautiful Solar wood flowers ..... These are really beautiful in real.... delicate and crisp.. Loved them Jovi.

I wanted to make something with these beautiful flowers as highlight , which are an absolute beauty in themselves. So I decided to make something with a black silhouette and the flowers as the embellishments.

Again a Pull down card .. ( I think that's what it is called ) .. A simple wedding silhouette ( again hand drawn and hand cut by me ) I have used vellum paper to highlight the bride's and I am super happy with the way it turned out. Used the lovely Solar wood flowers from Jovi's store ....

This is how the card looks when pull opened. It is very similar to an easel card when opened... 

Do visit her store Creativita , if you are looking out for something different ....

Happy Crafting,

My first win ..... I made it to the TOP 3 :)

Yes... My first win... I made it to the top 3 at BGC ... This win is very very very  special for me as this is the first time I made it to the top 3 ... I had won a couple of hampers but this win will be more special as winning goodies was coz of ny sheer luck but making it to the top 3 is an appreciation of my creativity ..

So here is the card that got in top 3 ....

Happy crafting,

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Hum Tum

I am in love with this theme.... absolutely ...

This time its the simple movie HUM TUM that has inspired me... Yes ! Now I can say that movie is like okay type but yes its the cartoon characters depicted in the movie  I find too cute .

Here's my Hum Tum 

As usual, everything is hand drawn and painted using Luna Staedtler. These are water soluble color pencils and my favorites. I have been using these since I was in designing college. Some of the regular pencils are reduced to as small as 3" in length but quality wise they are still perfect ... I am actually so proud of my habit of clinging on things. For all these years when I was working I never touched them yet preserved them :)

A close view of my Hum Tum .. I love the naughtiness in the eyes of the guy and the attitude of the girl... :)

So this goes as my second entry for Beyond Grey Challenges # 26

So that's all for now ....

Happy Crafting,

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Movie inspired CAS

Yes ...Movie inspired CAS .... Is'nt it an exciting theme to work on ???? 

The moment I read the theme on BGC I knew what I wanted to make. Who doesn't like movies ??? and who doesn't get inspired by these movies... We all very well know these are not true yet at some stage of life we end up connecting some movie or a particular scene to something that happens in our life. Some movies are forgotten ( rather are better forgotten ) before we exit from theaters but some movies are worth remembering .. Everyone has a favorite movie, a favorite scene and so on. So friends, I would like to dedicate this post to one of my favorite movie DDLJ........... I can state 100 + reasons why I love it :)

Without starting to discuss my reasons here is my card ...

I have used the veil and hat from the title.... Here the veil depicts me and the hat depicts my DH .. rather in simple words its a card from a girl to a boy and it can be interchanged in case it is from  a boy to a girl...
Again everything here ( The veil, hat and the fonts are hand drawn ) 

A closer view .. ( Sorry for the poor pics. )

So this card goes as my entry to BGC

Happy Crafting,

Monday, 4 March 2013

Precious Memories ..... locked in a scrapbook

Yes... I made this scrapbook months back but just couldn't post it. This was a made on order scrapbook. The young girl wanted to gift something different to her fiancee ( they are  happily married by now :) where in she wanted to share with him all the moments they  had spent together till then .... right from the day they met .. So whats better than a scrapbook where one can not only take a ride through their past but also can mention their plans for future ..

The good thing was she knew what she wanted and was open to suggestions and ideas.

She was very fond of one of his childhood pics so we decided to use that on the cover page ... The scrapbook covered the guy's journey right from his childhood ( we purposely fabricated it along  so as to give space even to his parents and friends to write their feelings about him )

I made a little vintage looking cover page to give that nostalgic feel ...

Again a page dedicated to his friends and his passion.... photography .... Each page had lots and lots of hidden pockets and tags ....

That girl and her fiancee had met through an matrimonial site .... I used the photographs they had posted on that site ... Again lots of tags to write what she felt when she saw his profile for the first time ...

This page defines the period between the first meet and engagement :)

Some special moments ... some notes .... 

Again some tags ...

A page dedicated to one of the special moment in one's life ...... engagement 

Some casual moments spent together .....

Now... This is my favorite page ... I made a puzzle based on the moments in their life....  
The tags below are clues like first gift from her to him and so on..... All the answers are in the puzzle...
I asked her to solve the puzzle first and the tags behind that puzzle are gifts ..
...... if he is able to crack it in the same time frame 

I enjoyed making this album as that girl knew what she wanted but at the same time I had the liberty to place it the way I wanted... Thanks Girl :)

Happy Crafting,

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

And again an explosion ... of love and more LOVE :)

Yes.. That's another explosion box made on order. It was a valentine's gift from a girl to her fiancee. She wanted something different from the regular cards , she wanted space to scribble her messages , she wanted some space where she can insert some pics and last but not the least if possible a small box to hold the gift ...

After much thinking I came up with this explosion box that has space to hold pictures, space to write messages and small box of 2" x 2" x 1.5"  that can hold a gift and yes at the same time it is something which is still not available across all the gift shops.

 This is how it looks .... I personally feel adding a bow to anything enhances its beauty further :)

 A hundred hearts would be too few, to carry all my love for you ..... I love the sentiment :) 
 The red flowers are from the kit I won on Kavitha"s blog " For the love of Crafting " which was sponsored by Shalini's Crafter's Corner ... Thank you ladies... the flower's are so awesome .

Well, That's box no 1 when opened . It has two layer's . ( I forgot to click the outer layer :( )
 The outer layer has scallop shaped windows to insert the pictures . The inner layer's has tag's to enable one scribble the messages .

A closer look of the box # 2 that is inside the main box .....

That's the third layer inside the box # 2 ... Stamped hearts and messages ...

A closer look :)
Die cut hearts and messages :)

The Heart and bow you see in the above image is actually the lid of the third box that can hold the gift :)

And finally ...... 

The girl who ordered the box and the receiver were happy and thrilled to have this box which was very unique for them both .

Stay tuned in .. Lots of posts to follow...

Also I will be uploading the video of this box very soon... 

Till then,

Happy crafting,

Totally handmade ..... For someone very special

As every year my mind was working overtime to decide on what to gift my dear DH on the Valentines Day.... It was surely going to be something made by me in addition to the other gifts. Finally I decided to make a completely handmade card . I had few strong reasons ( which I myself decided were good enough :) for deciding on this .. Firstly I was short of  time as it was already late evening and I just had few hours before my DH returned from office . Second but very strong reason was drawing is my first love ... yes, I can draw and paint endlessly if I get continuous time and third and most important was there would be no mess as all I needed was few card-stocks ,my color pens , scissors and two way tape ... yes that"s it !

So finally I came up with this silhouette... Yes its totally hand drawn ( I can show you the mistakes :) ) .. It was a really quick card and yes my DH loved it :)

I was short of time as I wanted to wind it up before my DH returned and had a die cut border ready ... So to fill in the space I added the border ..

I loved the way it turned out .... that too with out any mess and in flat 30 minutes ...
The sentiments  too are  handwritten ...

I don't know if this card qualifies but anyways linking it to Beyond Grey Challenges ... 

Happy Crafting,

Sunday, 20 January 2013

And ............. Blast ! Finally an Explosion Box

And ............. Blast ! Finally an Explosion Box

Yes..... our crafty blog land has witnessed chain blasts in the past few weeks with an post on explosion box almost everyday......

And so here I am posting another blast ... Though many crafters have tried their hands on explosion boxes it was my dear friend Jovi  who inspired me to try one....

 I made this box on order. One of my neighbours wanted to gift their would be daughter- in - law something different and they asked me to put my creative mind at work and come out with something unusual... So I decided to make an explosion box coz even though we as crafters are very well aware of this specific article, for the non crafting people its a total WOW.. Yes again this was made and delivered last month but somehow my laziness is getting over me .....

So here it goes .. I couldn't click many snaps .. This is all I have ....

The Box :)

And here's the exploded view... I mean when opened.... I bet , nothing can beat the expression's you capture on one's face once you open the box.....
I tried to make a circular cake and it looked like one but I forgot to take a close up view of the same :(
I made four tags for the outer layer so that every one can scribble messages separately.

I however didn't wanted the inner layer to fall completely on the outer layer when opened . So I made banners with Washi tapes and tied the end of the inner layers to each other .
This is the link from where I got the idea for banner 

Here on the side you can see my lil one"s foot. She loves to watch me crafting .. And yes she even got her first certificate in Drawing ma king her mom proud :)

Happy Crafting,

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

New year, new resolutions and finally a post :)

Hello peeps,

How many of you make a new year resolution ?????? Hmmmmmmmmm probably all . That includes me too :) and now the important part ... How many of you stick to it till the next resolution comes up ????? Probably    most of you ... but this does not include me :( ... Yes my new year resolutions are always followed by new resolution ... not to make any resolution from next year ... which again I am unable to keep... well that's me :)

Last year end I had been constantly warning myself that in the year to come I have to post daily .... cards are being made but somehow I fail to post them ... Lazy me ... At last here I come up with my first crafty post of the new year after OMG yes after a total 15 days... but better late than never ...

I made a maze book ... yes my first .... and I finished it up in flat one hour ....

This is the cover page ( sorry for the poor quality of pictures )Flowers are handmade yes... thanks to Jovita for all the help she extends ( here help means everything ... right from dies, stamps , punches , advise and moral support . She is my WA ( whatz  up ) friend :)

The second page ... Since it was a birthday book I used the cupcakes and birthday stamps all over .... 

 Every page has a hidden tag to scribble messages ( yes ... I love to write long long long messages ... though my hubby calls them essays :( )

Since I didn't wanted the book to be handed over openly ( It looses the surprise element then ) I came up with this small bag ...

I personally feel maze book is a good option if the card is being sent by a group as people as everyone gets space to scribble their feelings for that person :)

Happy Crafting,

Monday, 7 January 2013

Lovely new things in new year :)

Hello Everyone,

Wish you all a very Happy and prosperous new year filled with loads of love , happiness and crafting goodies....

Yes there .. Loads of giveaways announced in our crafting land. Among them one is a lovely giveaway from our very own Kalindi  .. Yes it is almost two years since I got to know her ... It was very generous of her to put up a full post on the ATC she received where as some people even fail to acknowledge receipt... Well to continue with Kalindi ... That was the start of knowing her... As we started conversing ( mostly via chat ) she came across as a very chirpy and straight forward person who can say right things right openly...

Her posts are one of the few I look forward to .... not only is she a good crafter but a better writer ...

So girl ... All the very best to you for all your future en-devours ...

And there will be lots more posts to come ... Have been very lazy of late to post ....

Till then happy crafting friends,