Thursday, 24 May 2012

Some quilling

Hi there friends,

Hope my blog buddies remember me :)

So am finally posting something after a long long and long time. My lil one has been taking up all my time now a days but am enjoying each and every moment with her. Its a blessing to watch her grow every moment .

Quilling seems to be the thing right now in crafting .. SO thought of trying my hands :) plus the advantage is I can sit with my quilling kit anywhere :). That's one of the reason I can't craft much now a days . My lil one is so curious that she wants each and every colorful thing she sees .......

Without much blabbering here is what I made .....

Initially I just made some em-bellies and then assembled them on envelopes. It was fun :) . I tried a variety of quilling techniques and happy with the way they turned out .. Not bad for a starter :) Right ????

I think this was the swirl design.. M not that fluent with the names though but I loved the way it turned out ... 

Comb loop 

Regular quilling  ( Quillers please forgive me for the nomenclature )

And here are the final envelopes after packing . I made 40 of them :) .... 

And YEs I even made some in Warli ..... 

I know, looking at the hard core quillers there this is just the basic but atleast a start somewhere.... Do let me know your views...... 

Also thanks to Jovita for guiding me :)

Happy crafting,


  1. Hey nice to see u back at blogland !!! U did some awesome work girl !! Quilling is definitely addictive... Keep sharing ..

  2. You are so right about quilling that it can be carried around and yes it can be done in short spurts of time!


  3. This is super stuff and yes once u start quilling u do not feel like stopping... :D

  4. Cool attempt, especially if you are doing quilling for the first time... :) Keep it up :)

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