Thursday, 28 March 2013

Some pretty flowers...

M back with my second  post for the day :)

Thanks to Jovita who comes out with something new for us everytime giving us awide and reasonable variety to choose from. .. This time it was the beautiful Solar wood flowers ..... These are really beautiful in real.... delicate and crisp.. Loved them Jovi.

I wanted to make something with these beautiful flowers as highlight , which are an absolute beauty in themselves. So I decided to make something with a black silhouette and the flowers as the embellishments.

Again a Pull down card .. ( I think that's what it is called ) .. A simple wedding silhouette ( again hand drawn and hand cut by me ) I have used vellum paper to highlight the bride's and I am super happy with the way it turned out. Used the lovely Solar wood flowers from Jovi's store ....

This is how the card looks when pull opened. It is very similar to an easel card when opened... 

Do visit her store Creativita , if you are looking out for something different ....

Happy Crafting,

My first win ..... I made it to the TOP 3 :)

Yes... My first win... I made it to the top 3 at BGC ... This win is very very very  special for me as this is the first time I made it to the top 3 ... I had won a couple of hampers but this win will be more special as winning goodies was coz of ny sheer luck but making it to the top 3 is an appreciation of my creativity ..

So here is the card that got in top 3 ....

Happy crafting,

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Hum Tum

I am in love with this theme.... absolutely ...

This time its the simple movie HUM TUM that has inspired me... Yes ! Now I can say that movie is like okay type but yes its the cartoon characters depicted in the movie  I find too cute .

Here's my Hum Tum 

As usual, everything is hand drawn and painted using Luna Staedtler. These are water soluble color pencils and my favorites. I have been using these since I was in designing college. Some of the regular pencils are reduced to as small as 3" in length but quality wise they are still perfect ... I am actually so proud of my habit of clinging on things. For all these years when I was working I never touched them yet preserved them :)

A close view of my Hum Tum .. I love the naughtiness in the eyes of the guy and the attitude of the girl... :)

So this goes as my second entry for Beyond Grey Challenges # 26

So that's all for now ....

Happy Crafting,

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Movie inspired CAS

Yes ...Movie inspired CAS .... Is'nt it an exciting theme to work on ???? 

The moment I read the theme on BGC I knew what I wanted to make. Who doesn't like movies ??? and who doesn't get inspired by these movies... We all very well know these are not true yet at some stage of life we end up connecting some movie or a particular scene to something that happens in our life. Some movies are forgotten ( rather are better forgotten ) before we exit from theaters but some movies are worth remembering .. Everyone has a favorite movie, a favorite scene and so on. So friends, I would like to dedicate this post to one of my favorite movie DDLJ........... I can state 100 + reasons why I love it :)

Without starting to discuss my reasons here is my card ...

I have used the veil and hat from the title.... Here the veil depicts me and the hat depicts my DH .. rather in simple words its a card from a girl to a boy and it can be interchanged in case it is from  a boy to a girl...
Again everything here ( The veil, hat and the fonts are hand drawn ) 

A closer view .. ( Sorry for the poor pics. )

So this card goes as my entry to BGC

Happy Crafting,

Monday, 4 March 2013

Precious Memories ..... locked in a scrapbook

Yes... I made this scrapbook months back but just couldn't post it. This was a made on order scrapbook. The young girl wanted to gift something different to her fiancee ( they are  happily married by now :) where in she wanted to share with him all the moments they  had spent together till then .... right from the day they met .. So whats better than a scrapbook where one can not only take a ride through their past but also can mention their plans for future ..

The good thing was she knew what she wanted and was open to suggestions and ideas.

She was very fond of one of his childhood pics so we decided to use that on the cover page ... The scrapbook covered the guy's journey right from his childhood ( we purposely fabricated it along  so as to give space even to his parents and friends to write their feelings about him )

I made a little vintage looking cover page to give that nostalgic feel ...

Again a page dedicated to his friends and his passion.... photography .... Each page had lots and lots of hidden pockets and tags ....

That girl and her fiancee had met through an matrimonial site .... I used the photographs they had posted on that site ... Again lots of tags to write what she felt when she saw his profile for the first time ...

This page defines the period between the first meet and engagement :)

Some special moments ... some notes .... 

Again some tags ...

A page dedicated to one of the special moment in one's life ...... engagement 

Some casual moments spent together .....

Now... This is my favorite page ... I made a puzzle based on the moments in their life....  
The tags below are clues like first gift from her to him and so on..... All the answers are in the puzzle...
I asked her to solve the puzzle first and the tags behind that puzzle are gifts ..
...... if he is able to crack it in the same time frame 

I enjoyed making this album as that girl knew what she wanted but at the same time I had the liberty to place it the way I wanted... Thanks Girl :)

Happy Crafting,