Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Movie inspired CAS

Yes ...Movie inspired CAS .... Is'nt it an exciting theme to work on ???? 

The moment I read the theme on BGC I knew what I wanted to make. Who doesn't like movies ??? and who doesn't get inspired by these movies... We all very well know these are not true yet at some stage of life we end up connecting some movie or a particular scene to something that happens in our life. Some movies are forgotten ( rather are better forgotten ) before we exit from theaters but some movies are worth remembering .. Everyone has a favorite movie, a favorite scene and so on. So friends, I would like to dedicate this post to one of my favorite movie DDLJ........... I can state 100 + reasons why I love it :)

Without starting to discuss my reasons here is my card ...

I have used the veil and hat from the title.... Here the veil depicts me and the hat depicts my DH .. rather in simple words its a card from a girl to a boy and it can be interchanged in case it is from  a boy to a girl...
Again everything here ( The veil, hat and the fonts are hand drawn ) 

A closer view .. ( Sorry for the poor pics. )

So this card goes as my entry to BGC

Happy Crafting,


  1. Very beautiful card Meghna! You are a superb artist. I would never be able to draw even simple things! :/

  2. beautiful... you doodled everything??/ DDLJ is on the top of my lists too although not my absolute fav!

  3. Aww... you reminded me of DDLJ! bade bade shehro mei aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehnteen hain!.. Ms. Senorita!
    The card is so apt for the movie!

  4. very Good imagination !!!!
    What a nice little card ! :) Love DDLj :D
    Thanks for joining us in the movie inspired CAS card challenge at Beyond grey challenges !
    Goood luck !

    1. Thanks PJ .... I guess everyone just loves DDLJ :)

  5. Wow.... I dont know the movie but I can see where the card has come from. You have done an awesome job of your card. I just love it. Hand drawn....awesome. I also love your stitching (I do a lot of that myself). Thank you for joining us at BGC and good luck

  6. WOW love your interpretation its one of my fav movies too!

  7. one of my fav too... can actually say the dialogues too... but love what you have made... simply cute... and also like the dimensions of the card...
    Thank you for joining us at Beyond Grey Challenges.

  8. O my God! you did a fantastic job.. :)

  9. A very beautiful CAS card. I really like it. Thank you for joining us at Beyond Grey Challenges.

  10. Thanks a lot for playing with us at Beyond Grey Challenges :)
    Its a brilliant card and its an impressive rendition on the movie..
    Lovely card..
    Keep up the crafting

  11. I loved your clever interpretation of the movie on this card DDLJ was my favorite too.Thanks for joining us at BGC#26