Friday, 30 September 2011

My First ICRC challenge :D

Though I had signed in as member for ICRC long back , I didn't try their challenges ..... ( I used to just visit the blog and try to understand the different styles ........ ) and finally here I am posting my first ever entry in ICRC.

I would like to extend my thanks to all the talented ladies there who inspire me everyday.........

This is the sketch provided for guidelines .....

And here goes my card ( Well I don't know if I am on the right track...... )

Well the twist in the challenge was to use fabric/felt along with the sketch.......

And here's my take on the twist... my dancing queen in red satin one piece.......
I first glued the satin on a card sheet and then cut it after it had completely dried.... 

The sentiment................... so incomplete without you..............
I have tried to showcase the sentiment in the card.......

Would love to hear your comments...

Happy crafting :)

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

My First Easel Card :)

I was in love with this card type the moment I saw it on Juhi's blog.... Its so simple yet has a 3 D effect ............
So here's my take ..............

I had come across a similar dancing silhouette in a dancing course advertisement and I loved the feel.... But It took me quite long than I guessed to get those curves sketched .....

Here is the close view ... Also I tried to make the paper rose ( I have used the double sided crepe paper purchased from Neha )

That's my dancing couple .....

Await your comments.....

Happy crafting,

Thursday, 15 September 2011

My first Corporate card :)

I have been making cards for family and friends for much longer than I can remember but this was my first take on Corporate card.

My DH wanted one for one of their favourite clients :) .... Though he had reminded me for this weeks in advance me being me sat to work on it at the umpteenth hour. But I managed to make two ( I wasn't happy with the way the first one turned out ) in three hours.

Have kept it very very simple and yes I had to use my favourite papers for this one :)

To get a clear view . The card with its envelope. I have tied the bow only on the card and have given a cut on the envelope to make the bow visible after its inserted in it. ( Saves my ribbon :P)

All sentiments are handwritten .

( This card was made a month back but couldn't post )

Happy Crafting,

For you card

I love to give cards and am just in look out for occassions ( I dont mind receiving cards as well :) ). Recently we completed two years since we met for the first time .... and so this card to my DH with love from his DW :)
I wanted to give him a clean and simple card ...................... so the white base with a red ribbon :)

That's the inside. All wordings are hand written . Have made an insertion column opening at the viewers RHS..... That was a mistake I realised later :( (* )

We had met through a matrimonial site . So just for a change I wrote our matrimonial ID # on the first insert .( The feelings and the # will remain special through out forever :) ) and I always have a lot in my mind to scribble so i made a mini notebook as a card wouldn't have been sufficient for me ......

(*) When I finished the card I realised that since my mini notebook has the ribbon binding on the LHS of viewer I will have to insert it ULTA in the card ..... :(

Happy Crafting,

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Recycled Project - 2

Recycled Project - 2

This project has really made me get back to crafting in full swing .... My second project for today :)

With the invention of CD floppies have become outdated. I had a lots of floppies at home. So here is my second take on recycled projects.

I used 9 floppies for this. Had them glued together for making the box but had to tie it up with thread ... Wrapped it with tinted sheets and then painted with Warli motifs ( am obsessed with Warli paintings now a days :) )

 Though I couldn't get clean finish , I think it was a good try .... :)

Happy Crafting,

Recycled Project

This one really got my mind tickling..... interesting project....... After scanning for lots of things I finally laid my hands on this 3ply corrugated box which served as packing for glassware.

I cut it diagonally to give more finished edges and then wrapped the whole box in tinted sheet. ( Since I wasn't sure what the final output would be I didn't dare to use my costly PP's :) )
Then to give it a more funky look I just glued on some small bits of various tinted papers that I had and added an extra small pocket in ochre yellow .
Since it was looking too empty I painted out various motifs of Warli to complete the picture as it was looking too scattered .
I loved the way it turned out finally ......

And here it sits proudly on my window railing.... My Letter holder..........

Happy Crafting,