Tuesday, 29 November 2011


I think one day ICR will surely award me the latew entry award ....... Phew ........ All my entries are on last minute but am comparitively early this time :)

So now to the ICRC 12... The challenge was to use dots and stripes ... hold on guys thats not all :) ..... with a tag if possible :) ....

And then the inspirational crafts by the DT were just awesome.

I was in double minds whether to participate or not coz I wasn't getting any ideas. I didn't wanted to use the regular dots and stripes papers or stamps ... just wanted something hatke :) and and and .... the other day was just giong through the newspapers when an advertisement from some travel agency caught my eye. It was an advertisement for the African Safari and had theseTigers and Cheetahs pictures..... That was enough to inspire me but I just used Girraffe and Zebra ...:) .. So here's my take on ICRC 12 .... :)

This is a totally hand drawn nd hand cut card :). So friends howz my Dotty Giraffe and Stripy Zebra ????

Now.... Where is the tag???? Here's the twist ...

I concelled it behind the Girraffe. I made a box tag holder behing the black layer so that the giraffe doesnt stray here and there :P

a snap with the tag kept seprately ..... My whole idea in using the zebra and Girraffe was to convey the message that with out that person ( Girraffe ) one's life would be so dull ..... I don't know if I have done justice in sending the message across :)

Life without colors ................

 A close view of the hand made Girraffe and Zebra :)

Here I have used very thin peeled layer of ply ... Got it when the interior was being done .... Splashed it with some Acrylic colors to look it make colorful :) .. I think it gave a complete effect as a wooden signboard on the fence ... What do you think ???

Sending it across to ICRC 12

Happy Crafting,

Friday, 25 November 2011

Mixed Bag :)

Well as the title suggests this one is going to be a mixed bag ... I mean mixed post . Reason you can say I am really fed up of the power cuts here ... No timings at all... Lots of time the moment I sit to do a write up BLING .... there goes the electricity .... and secondly I have become a bit lazy :)

I recently bought a lot of Pie Lane goodies from Jovita ... I absolutely loved their stencils and have been crazily making cards with them :)

I made this quick card for my sweet sis-in-law. She plays kabbaddi for the Western Railways and was to leave for their matches.... Stencil and the glitter balls are from Pie Lane ...

That's the inside. Again the stencil ,glitterballs and the Flower are from Pie Lane. The silhouette is hand drawn .

Last week was full of surprises for me. Before I compile my post let me say sorry to all the below senders for posting it so late ... Lazy me :(

It all started with my receipt of long awaited parcel from Ujjwal . I had won a candy from her which was organised marking her 100 followers on Facebook and I had also ordered few cardstocks from her.. Then our Indian Speed Post :) After numerous rounds and arguments finally got my packet :)

I won a set of Unity Stamps .... Thanks Ujjwal for the lovely stamps ( though I have to use it yet ) and also the small thank you card you sent along ....

Then came my second surprise ... TADa..... A small packet in my post box.... Wondering what it was ???/ and my joy knew no bounds when I opened it.. It was my second ATC for October from Priya Venkat ... She is my inspiration for scrap books and mini albums.

These cards have an signature of her style ..... Clean nd perfect in every aspect. Thanks Priya .

Well guys this was not the end of surprises .... Another day.. another card :) ... This one was  our anniversary ,came on behalf of ICR from our lovely Sudha :)

Thanx a ton ICR and Sudha :)

Happy Crafting,

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Anniversary card :)

Last week was a bit tiresome ... Celebrations on sunday .. Ya.. it was our 2nd anniversary followed by traditional ceremony to mark first death anniversary of my sweet ma in law .... Lots of guests .....

So now a quick post on the anniversary card I made for my hubby before I am off for a weekend break :) .... I really need one ...

Now on the card.... as usual made in the umpteenth hour ............

This time I made a box card ... that can hold two temptations ( two to mark the two years of our togetherness with two roses ) Card stock is a local buy. All the background wordings are handwritten ... ( can u see a portrait at the extreme end??? Thats a charcoal painting of  my DH made by me :) )

A close view ...

This is a Black silhouette ( hand drawn n cut )  placed on a White sheet overlapped by Red Parchment Paper .. I loved the romantic effect it added to the card .....

For the first time I used Foam .. I just hand wrote the wordings with Rotring pen.. I loved the fluffy effect it gave to the card.

That's the inside view. I couldn't decorate it much becoz of the time constraint .... 

The flap opens up to giving me ample of space to scribble my never ending thoughts :)

Hand written tag holder :)

And that's us with our sweetheart ( broad awake at 12'O clock mid night ) bringing in our second anniversary .

Happy crafting,

October ATC's

Well I know its bit too late for posting these but I was actually awaiting my second ATC which never came :(...

Firstly let me thank Shobhana for her awesome ATC ... This one is special since its my first ATC :)..... and THANKS once more for the lovely anniversary card she sent along with.. Its sweet of her to remember and send it .

I have always appreciated Shobhana for her simple but elegant cards. She has her unique style . She doesn't need to decorate the cards but her simple cards speak  lot about her creations.

Her ATC is so simple but speaks a lot about celebrations. Paisleys which are my personal favourites is considered as a traditional motif. Its a must have in celebration articles then may it be in henna design or a traditional saree.... Thanks Shobhana once again :)

And here are my two ATC's which I posted ...

Thanks Kalindi for your post on the ATC .............

Happy Crafting,

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Scrap Book :)

I love doing scrapbooks .... Though they require a lot of effort the end results make u smile .... This is one of the reasons I absolutely adore Priya for !!! She makes scrap books with so much ease and all her creations are just way different from each other .......

I gifted this one to a friends daughter on her first birthday . I am happy with this one not only because I made it but rather because I winded it up in flat 24 hours :)

This is the cover page with a cute lil girl :)... Though I was unhappy with the wordings ... Looks too empty but didn't had time to rectify :(

Second page . The two blang tags are to for her pictures with a tag at side showing her birth details .
Page 3 - Space for more snaps :)

Page 4- Some more tags for messages nd snaps

Page 5 - The LHS folded card opens to become a big square giving ample of space for snaps nd messages inside. The RHS has 3 inserts above while the bottom part can be flip opened having 6 pages one inside another.

Page 6 - The LHS is one of my favourite pages. The topmost part opens upward ... then the cards below those opens on left side , The next pack opens down ways nd then the last one opens towards right side ... Ample of space for snaps .... The RHS page has total of 4 inserts .....

Thats It...... Can anyone please suggest the ways of packing the scrapbooks for gifting ????

Happy Crafting,