Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Scrap Book :)

I love doing scrapbooks .... Though they require a lot of effort the end results make u smile .... This is one of the reasons I absolutely adore Priya for !!! She makes scrap books with so much ease and all her creations are just way different from each other .......

I gifted this one to a friends daughter on her first birthday . I am happy with this one not only because I made it but rather because I winded it up in flat 24 hours :)

This is the cover page with a cute lil girl :)... Though I was unhappy with the wordings ... Looks too empty but didn't had time to rectify :(

Second page . The two blang tags are to for her pictures with a tag at side showing her birth details .
Page 3 - Space for more snaps :)

Page 4- Some more tags for messages nd snaps

Page 5 - The LHS folded card opens to become a big square giving ample of space for snaps nd messages inside. The RHS has 3 inserts above while the bottom part can be flip opened having 6 pages one inside another.

Page 6 - The LHS is one of my favourite pages. The topmost part opens upward ... then the cards below those opens on left side , The next pack opens down ways nd then the last one opens towards right side ... Ample of space for snaps .... The RHS page has total of 4 inserts .....

Thats It...... Can anyone please suggest the ways of packing the scrapbooks for gifting ????

Happy Crafting,


  1. Lots of lovely red ribbons!!


  2. wow, love all the details, looks like a lot of work!

  3. Lovely detailed work.I have started scrapbooking lately and its pretty addictive

  4. Lovely Meghna! The time it takes to make a scrapbook does not matter....so long as it all works out in the end and YOU are happy! Great job and best of luck for future projects! :)

  5. Simply beautiful...lovely work!

  6. Lovely work in ur blog....

    Thank u so much for appreciating my work....