Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Recycled Project

This one really got my mind tickling..... interesting project....... After scanning for lots of things I finally laid my hands on this 3ply corrugated box which served as packing for glassware.

I cut it diagonally to give more finished edges and then wrapped the whole box in tinted sheet. ( Since I wasn't sure what the final output would be I didn't dare to use my costly PP's :) )
Then to give it a more funky look I just glued on some small bits of various tinted papers that I had and added an extra small pocket in ochre yellow .
Since it was looking too empty I painted out various motifs of Warli to complete the picture as it was looking too scattered .
I loved the way it turned out finally ......

And here it sits proudly on my window railing.... My Letter holder..........

Happy Crafting,


  1. Lovely


  2. This is a fabulous project! I think I need a letter holder too :) Thanks for the idea!