Thursday, 15 September 2011

For you card

I love to give cards and am just in look out for occassions ( I dont mind receiving cards as well :) ). Recently we completed two years since we met for the first time .... and so this card to my DH with love from his DW :)
I wanted to give him a clean and simple card ...................... so the white base with a red ribbon :)

That's the inside. All wordings are hand written . Have made an insertion column opening at the viewers RHS..... That was a mistake I realised later :( (* )

We had met through a matrimonial site . So just for a change I wrote our matrimonial ID # on the first insert .( The feelings and the # will remain special through out forever :) ) and I always have a lot in my mind to scribble so i made a mini notebook as a card wouldn't have been sufficient for me ......

(*) When I finished the card I realised that since my mini notebook has the ribbon binding on the LHS of viewer I will have to insert it ULTA in the card ..... :(

Happy Crafting,

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  1. This is a very sweet thing to do for your anniversary! :) Lot of thinking and labor into it! Great stuff!